90’s Everything 😍

Nothing is better than 90’s R&B anything. That 90’s music, you know when Aaliyah, TLC, SWV, R.Kelly, 112, and Ginuwine come on, ESPECIALLY in your headphones, and you are singing the whole song because that’s all yo momma used to play. Back in the day, people actually took time to love, to sing, to write, to dress, and to actually think. Ways of doing each where so much different as apposed to today, things have seemed to badly progress and people are doing some of these things for the wrong reasons. For example, singing and writing, instead of doing it to be happy or to express yourself via voice, today people are making diss songs. Granted, 90’s music was made with a lot more love making in mind as apposed to today, but loving and using our bodies to do so, people valued themselves a lot more and resisted giving out they’re love so easily and fast to just anyone. In today’s world people use their bodies just to quickly take care of that sensation and then it’s on to the next. What happened?

The above photos of my cousin ( Maurice and his girlfriend Essie ) are my favorite walking expressions of love via real life, photography, and other social media. What happened to this kind of love? Going to take professional pictures with your partner behind that blue and white cloud sheet? What happened to jewelry with you and your lover’s name? Today a tattoo of the name and then a month or two later, you’re separated. Being together means united as one, you guys become a team and a reflection of one another. I believe that living as though it is still the 90’s is a lot better than today, it seems as though the mentality of those raised in the 90’s are more mature.

When asked, Deannie stated that the 90’s was a lot easier to live in because their wasn’t really social media and love was real back then. Instead of texting or calling such and such to see if they’re home, you were able to look up the street and see a bike outside or kids playing, now n days, technology has grabbed us all. Granted, there is a lot more to do today, but it took us away from our friends and family. Some barely see or spend time with one another and it’s sad, these kids are being born and given ipads and tablets as gifts, next thing you know they’re much more advanced than me.

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