Sex, it’s your body‼️

Not every type of loving is the best loving. I don’t see how people can move Body to Body like that. Your body is your temple. It’s not always about being in love, as humans we have natural needs. In my opinion, especially for safety precautions, you should only be in sexual contact with the same person continuously because that’s how you spread things.

Now moving on on the other hand is kind of hard especially when you’ve been used to the same person for some time and then it takes time to move on to the next person.🙄 In that case it’s not about using condoms, it’s about that emotional connection between you two. I don’t see how you guys use sex as an excuse for healing, or money, we’ve all been through things that are supposed to make us stronger. YOUR BODY IS YOURS ‼️ If you aren’t feelin’ loved by who is lovin you, ain’t no need of you lovin’ em.

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