You don’t just start off amazing, it takes time, work, and effort. I always encourage ANYONE I see engaged in work or a hobby aside from work to KEEP PUSHING. Rappers started in their basements with just headphones, a phone, a composition book, and a pen. Then eventually made it to a studio and on the radio. I started with a pen and composition book, then a website, then performing in front of crowds and meeting other poets. Kasi started with just a camera, to instagram, to snapping your pictures, and now a online photographer for Plainfield, NJ. Talk about AMAZING‼️ STOP SLEEPING ON PLAINFIELD, STOP SLEEPING ON YOUR TALENTS‼️

Things get hard, and sometimes we don’t have the right material, funds, or whatever to get through, but that is no reason to give up. Everything starts as a dream, a vision, and it’s up to you to stay continuous with it. The way Kasi has grown shows no limit to what he, you, and I are capable of. Push, push, PUSH, even if you’re alone.

Studio15 Webpage : Studio15

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