Be humble ft Jalynn ๐Ÿ’˜

So this morning, me and Jalynn we’re on Instagram live humbling people with our situations. I always express to others that it is important to share what you’ve been through, and how you made it through because you never know if someone is going through something similar. Going through something and overcoming it is such a great feeling, as seeing someone else do the same. Sharing your part of a situation, or your opinion rather, helps others to think. As she said earlier, writing was just her way of expressing what she’s dealt with. Don’t hold that back. We each were given a gift from God as I always say, and you holding your gift back is affecting someone else’s life. Our gifts come in many shapes, sizes, poems, songs, drawings, and clothing. It’s something that we like to do to keep our mind off of things. In order to let go of any bad situation you’ve been through, I feel it’s important to put it out there.

Now me with writing I always put a twist into something. In most cases, my writings are about me or what I’ve been through in the beginning, and a twist in the end so that you wouldn’t think so, also to show things can be good. You can learn from just about everything, and put that knowledge to use in somewhere else. You’d be surprised at who and what you influence on a daily basis. So I push you all to continue doing what makes you happy and expressing yourself more in order to do so. I’m not saying put your business out there, I’m saying help yourself, as well as helping somebody else, it’s a great feeling once you hear how you’ve influenced somebody else.

Jalynn influenced me to share deeper then what I do, because that’s where the hurt, the happiness, the pain, and the success is found the most. I am trying to be as deep as her, but we both will change the life of someone, as you should do the same. When you sit back and take a look at everyone else’s life, nobody’s perfect, but we’re all going through something. So why not take that bad, and turn it into something good. Now Jalynn had a bad situation, and turned it into something amazing, which I influenced her to share with you guys when she is ready, and I’m a hundred percent behind it. She’s hiding a gift that can change someone else’s life. Stay tuned as we are going to work together to change the world.

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