🗣 Is Ya’ll Ready? #Jersey

🗣 “Is ya’ll readyyyyy?, I’m ready. JERSEYYYYYYYY!” (Hands on ya hips)

Dj Jayhood is one of the Major club Influences, Producers, dancers, and the best vocalist you’ve ever heard is STILL going with club music in a way that it not only influences our children, but our community as well. Lyrics heard in Cardi B’s-Bodak Yellow, “And I just checked my accounts turns out I’m rich I’m rich I’m rich. I put my hand above my hip, I bet you dip, he dip, she dip.” Although he didn’t use it in that way and say it specifically like that, Look at how he as a community promote each other. You know good and well you had ya hands on ya hips a few years back dippin’, sexy walkin’, etc., and now everybody “oh we too old for club music.” WE MADE IT! We made it this far, why quit now? It’s keeping our children out of trouble, See people fail to realize there is a lot of talent and influences come from Jersey. Did you hear Jayhood’s mix dedicated to the late, great, Aretha Franklin? Jayhood mixed one of Aretha’s well known songs “Respect,” CLICK HERE TO HEAR MIX.


That’s such a great influence on our state because nobody never really has anything good to say about Jersey. He’s not the only one doing his thang, but Got more adults listening to club music than children sometimes. Not only doing club music, in videos with Fetty wapp, in videos of his own “Boston George,” and in a hood near you from time to time, he’s tryna get bigger, we don’t just stop right here. In need of great dancers and promoters to rock with him, let’s bring Jersey club back! Ya’ll know I support anything that makes us as a whole look good. What ya’ll think?

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