JHBD @ Est 6th n Richmond 🔥

You don’t just get famous outta no where. It’s hard work, dedication, and promotion included. I got their promotion part, & They got their hard work and dedication. What I love and learned about them the most during practices is that they all are a team. If one messes up, they all mess up, and it gets repeated until it’s complete. Can’t NOBODY tell them NOTHING. To be put together for only a few months with so many dance routines and down pack is TRULY amazing. I watched them practice the other day and how fast they catch on to things amazes me, ESPECIALLY the younger kids. You can see that they are all dedicated, and as long as they are happy, I am as well. Finally something good for the Plainfield community which is for the kids to finally get to be and enjoy themselves, not anyone else. How JHBD pullin up to your event.

You know what’s about to go down right?

It’s meant to be fun events, and in life not everything is a win. But the fact that it’s not gonna stop just here is a win. JHBD will be all up in ya tournaments and parades, and soon battling other towns, and then moving on up. Who says a boy can’t start a dance team? I’m proud of you Altariq, and so is your dad. Love all my JHBD ❤️ 🗣Come out at 2 to see what we workin wit. 💁🏽‍♀️

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