Y’all all know who that is and what’s about to go down when hearing that through the mic or speaker. Everything is about to get lit so, excuse me as I turn my headphones UP. I love “DJ Lilman” A.K.A “Mr. New Jersey’s” influence on the community because not only is he doing it for himself, but for the community as well, and others across the globe. Yeah Jersey ain’t the only one with ears for DJ Lilman.

Straight Outta Newark, New Jersey working with major artist, he taught himself the basics of and how to DJ. You can tell he loves what he does just off the vibe given through the voice on that mic. If you not dancing at his party, your body is surely rocking to the beat, you got no choice. In my eyes, from what I’ve seen and experienced, it’s almost like he forgot that DJ’ing was a profession to him because he be so into it. Now, I’m not as deep into club music as opposed to my younger days, but I believe he is one of my influences in going so hard just by seeing how hard he pushes. Each morning, he’s got a post of motivation even if it’s not about music, it’s about yourself, or life. Keep grinding and doing what you doing DJ Lilman, its people who look up to you and your music/thoughts on a daily.

Available on YouTube, SoundCloud, Instagram, and Twitter, I was showering one day and my manz came on Pandora. It was almost a “I’ve fallen and can’t get up,” movement because I was “Down to ride like Bonnie, Bonnie, Clyde.” The “Team Lilman Anthem” took a huge effect on children and adults. I’ve seen children showing parents how to do these dances, but it’s keeping both kids and adults out of trouble allowing us to bond with one another via social media, and a better bond between these families. The vibes Lilman gives off allows the children to take control over their city and not guns and violence and for that, I thank you.

Ofcourse ya’ll know I have a favorite song of everybody’s, or someone they’ve worked with. I don’t care how old it is, Dj Lilman Ft Nellz-Jersey Bitch is always my vibe. Why? Because did you see those hands mixing in the beginning of the video? You could just tell it was about to be a party, and that was like me meeting the beginning stages of Kevin Brown. “Look good? Point her out.” Ofcourse he’s got lots of hits today, and I’m very glad to have been apart of this generation when doing so, thank-you. ALSO KNOW AVAILABLE ON APPLE MUSIC !

( Jessica Hunter )

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