Keep Spreading Positivity‼️

As I always try to have anything to do with the positivity of my community and yours as well. Someone miles away from me caught my idea and was also doing the same. In fact each morning, evening, night, and holiday, Boss Don sends blessings and positivity to the world. Each morning I receive a blessing from him with hopes of a good day. “Good Morning Kings and Queens, Hope You Have A Blessed Day.” Mentioning myself and others. It’s nice to see someone with such a thought, the littlest things can make your day.

Seeing someone with such positivity is what pushes me more because I know I’m not the only one thinking in such a way. I love the thought of positivity amongst one another. He’s never missed a day or movement. We need more people to spread love and positivity anyway they can. Contribute to making the world a better place anyway you can instead of complaining and looking for help through others. I am noticing a lot of positivity around me, or shall I say embracing a lot of it. It’s very special to have dealings of positivity with others around the world, coming together as one in different ways. As Comma Gz stated on Bbox radio Monday night, you got a talent, I got one too, let’s work. Boss Don has a blessing, just as we all do, let’s put it to use and get things done.

( Jessica Hunter )

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