We have another talented person who likes to get flashy 📸

Shot By: @Photosbynaj // Model: @giftedpurp

Positive vibes only. EVERYBODY knows to bring all talents to my sight and hearing and I take it from there. The greatest part of doing what I do is the expansion of and different types of talent.

It’s a lot of Poets, Authors, and Song Writers out there, but I’ve had the pleasure of coming in contact with an amazing photographer (Najauh). Each Picture Najauh snaps and posts has a meaning without you even needing or reading the caption. I say that because when looking at a family photo or baby photo she’s taken, you can tell there is love and happiness, not just a smile, understood? NAJAUH DID THAT! I absolutely love how each photographer has their own style and vibe. Her vibes is so down to earth man she can turn anything into something just through a lense.

Born in Plainfield, Nj, yet raised in Paterson, and moving all around hoods near you like Philly, she’s all about her business. With a Webpage, Instagram, and A.A.S in photographic Imaging, she is definitely gonna be something. What I move the most is the group she started titled Creativecultureconnect (click link), connecting different talents and ideas the last Friday of each month. AMAZING! The thought of ” I got a talent and you do too, let’s work,” is sticking to us. I could go on and on about her vibes and positivity or you can click all links and check them out yourself, which one?

( Jessica Hunter )

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