Working with the Iris House has been completely amazing. The whole team is so kind, confidential, and polite. From my experience, The Iris House is more than just a group of people promoting safe sex, they are a family. One that deeply cares for one another, which is great because having someone who cares pushes you to do better and pushes others around you. Great positivity! Always looking to do better. In anyway possible I am able to support I definitely will. I love this team because of the ambition they have. Most places just promo just to do it, members of this team take it a lot more serious, a lot more personal in finding ways to reach out even if that means through their personal social media. ( Confidential )

Tuesday February 19th is another family moment. Come on out for a movie night and learn about safe sex as well. Another thing I love about this group is that they try to make it as fun as possible to keep everyone engaged and active as far as safe sex. Switching things up like trips and movie nights. Come on down and support Plainfield’s positivity, you’re probably not doing anything anyway.

Movie Night With The Iris House.

( Jessica Hunter )

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