Comma Gz Live At BlackThorn51 Yesterday 💯

You can support someone from a distance, or you can support somebody from ground up, up close and personal. Every since first reconnecting with Comma Gz again, I knew he had the potential of expansion. His words through music aren’t just words, those are heart-felt, pain felt, happiness felt vibes in which ever way he chooses to give it to you.

Yesterday I had the privilege of seeing him up close N personal. The energy given was just AMAZING. He came with that energy with or without a crowd that he was going to remain who he was, COMMA GZ , and trust me there definitely was a crowd and if they didn’t know who Comma Gz was then, they know now.


See how well he interacted with his crowd in stating who he was before just delivering his greatness? It’s just a sneak peak, full vibez will be available soon via IG literaturebyjessc. The support given was such a warm feeling, in trying to capture moments, I was lit via Raindown, Flash, and his latest work coming soon in a hood near you. Stay in tuned with Instagram & Comma Gz for the full performance. As I always say, Comma Gz carries great sportsmanship, we all want the same thing. He supports all who support him and then some, what a Great example of the Celebrity he is coming up in this rap game.

( Jessica Hunter )

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