Big Mood Talk At The Showcase Tour 🔥

During The Showcase Tour, I seen a couple familiar faces, and a couple more whose vibez said “Talent”, I just needed a tap to be sure.

Boog Jefferson, NY born, Jersey raised. His mindset is something serious. I never knock anyone’s deliverance of life or rap in this game because it’s not a competition, we all been through things that we express differently. At first it was just a way to relieve stress which I can definitely relate too, until he realized that there are others experiencing the same feeling of whom he might be able to inspire. Sound familiar?

In listening to “Big Mood Talk,” you hear real life moments, things people say and do in real life, but all I know is “I’m dedicated,” *boog voice*, Talk about it! BIG MOOD! The vibez is positive, the music is something to rock with, and sit back like “damn, this is some real life shit.” I got a ear for great music, with inspirations such as Pac, Biggie, Jay-Z, J.Cole, & Kendrick, those are each different vibes who delivered the same greatness just in different categories. Here his story via his music, or you wanna party in March? BIG MOOD. 😏 As much as I’ve listened to this album, I wanna say in parts of his deliverance sometimes, he sounds similar to J.Cole. He’s one of my favorite so I don’t mind.

Talent has an eye for talent, I love how Boog is always open to new talents and more expansion, stay in tuned with ” Gold Dynasty ” via his IG.

Soundcloud / Spotify / Twitter / IG ( Click all links ) Album

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