Woah ThatBoiiTone 🔥

The best part of music is that it is mainly used as a form of expression wether it be to “get lit” or “get in ya bag”. We each have our own style of deliverance via music and ThatBoiiTone don’t got time for no stupid n*gga, if you gon’ do it than do it n*gga. Agreed, business wise. I love to learn about the Artist I work meet first before experiencing their greatness, so I can already get a feel for the type of vibe or emotion being delivered.

I respect what ThatBoiiTone has done with his music and expressions. A lot of times we find hobbies to express the things we can’t. This young man took his dad’s hobby/legacy and carried it on along with his. How dope is that? Check out his single “Do It” available via Apple Music.

In “I need it”, ThatBoiiTone delivered a different style of music, It was a catchy beat as well as something the ladies would love to hear. The realness behind his music is so amazing instead of him pretending to be something that he’s not. He’s showing what he’s been through, and what he can do just by a simple verse or chorus.

Soundcloud / Apple Music / Twitter / Instagram

( Jessica Hunter )

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