πŸ—£ WHO ARE WE? Ft JHBD πŸ’›πŸ–€πŸ’›πŸ–€



Believing in something and standing for it is absolutely amazing. It’s an amazing feeling, amazing experience due to the fact that you come in touch with others trying to do the same, and then from there, the bond is incredible. Bringing Back JHBD, Altariq Nelson don’t care what it takes to do so, but he’s gonna do it. We had a blast last summer allowing our children to have their community and do things they’ve finally wanted to do. You see violence has become too common to where it takes away from children because they can’t come outside.

If we continue to lead positively to one another, somebody’s gonna follow. It only takes one person and Generally speaking, I don’t care if it takes me to do so, it’s gonna happen. When Plainfield comes together, it’s a beautiful sight to be honest. Look at this:



So here’s what we’re gonna do, BRING IT BACK. You ain’t the only one sharing this community. GIVE IT BACK TO US AS A WHOLE, BUT OUR KIDS THE MOST. Plainfield is more than just what you think, lemme hear you say PLAINFIELD.

( Jessica Hunter )

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