Lamont Glxry Brings All The Moods And Vibes 🌹

Talent is everywhere and this one almost slipped my eye. Straight outta Newark, NJ, and available via all major platforms such as YoutubeSpotify, Soundcloud, and Apple Music, Lamont Glxry brings “Moods and Vibes” anywhere he goes. He’s done various forms of art from photography to music, working with others, and then excelling on his own in the music industry. You see things start off as one thing and blow up unexpectedly with the power of ambition, determination, and progression, and look where he’s at now.

What caught my eye was the way he distributes his music. Listening to ” Dear Lauren London,” and watching the music video was actually amazing. The words were so on point along with the video, it was time well spent. Also known for making beats of his own which are very melodic and at an equal pace to spread your emotions upon, Lamont’s Moods and Vibes are definitely something to vibe with. If ya’ll haven’t caught on already, “Moods and VIbes” is his latest ep, but not his only. Ya’ll know I got a favorite song or lyric from all everyone, and “Falling” is so amazing. ” Think I’m falling for you, I don’t know what to do, it wasn’t in the plan, but what we gon’ do?” Absolutely an amazing flow, an amazing lyric, something to make you think. See if your music ain’t gettin’ stuck in you’re listeners ears, you ain’t doing something right. Lamont Glxry wanna be famous, and he’s gonna put the work in. What Kevin Hart say? “Everybody wanna be famous, nobody wanna put the work in.”  “Loyalty Over Fame” it ain’t just a statement, it’s a movement. Stay tuned!

( Jessica Hunter )

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