Gold Dynasty 🏆


Gold Dynasty is a team who came to win both as a team and independently. What I love about them the most is how tight they stick. Boog Jefferson, Digga, and Shawn Swift are changing it in the rap game delivering fire and positivity. When out, and doing business as both individuals and a team, it’s never a “switch up”. Attending Boog Jefferson‘s “Big Mood Party“, the way they showed one another love as each other hit the stage differently was absolutely amazing. That is what the music industry needs to see, it’s not always a competition. “You got good music, you got good music, wassup?” It could all be so simple.

When each individual is grinding separately from one another, the other part of the team is right there cheering them on. BUT WHEN THEY TOGETHER, Best Footage here:

1st of, the deliverance of the lyrics was LIT, did you not peep fam in the front? Secondly, be the deliverance of the performance, you can tell each artist takes pride and determination in their work because look at how they gas one another up. Not to mention the flow was so well, nobody’s cutting anybody off, issa TEAM. Ya’ll definitely need “Water” when they’re performing.

( Jessica Hunter )




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