Boog Is So Determined, And Yeah Issa Big Ass Mood Still 🏆

Boog Jefferson waits for nobody. He put you on game, and it’s up to you to decide what you wanna do, and it’s a big ass mood. Sometimes moving on other people’s time can be troubling, better yet the ambition on this guy is so amazing that he’ll do it all on his own, and still have love and support for those who paved the way, and helped him thus far.

Not only has “Talk About It” music video finally been released, but guess who featured ME on HIS OWN webpage? Boog Jefferson! Check It Out Here! Can we say ambitious as hell? With more Ep’s, Videos, and a Clothing line coming soon inna hood near you, Issa Big Ass Mood, He’s taking over. For such an amazing artist, he does a great job right down to creating cover photos. So who does he really have to wait for? It’s just nice to have such an amazing team and support system such as therealgolddynasty, me, Comma Gz, and everyone else. I thank Boog for giving me the opportunity and opening up my ears and eyes to such greatness, it pushes me forward. Everyday, he’s doing something new whether it be with himself, or the team, and I get to witness it. AMAZING! KEEP IT UP.

( Jessica Hunter )

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