Issa Crazy Story With SantanaDaG 😎

I like to stay in tuned with all my favorite talents and friends. Real life shit being spoken about through lyrics. They ain’t just written and rehearsed, it’s what’s felt off the mind, off the hurt, what we’ve seen and been through. Coming up in my age was violence left and right, you had to stand ya ground, and Santana always did. Now he’s doing it through music. I’m glad I caught him in Blaqwall studios because now that’s all I wanna do is hear the latest drop.

I remember listening to Santana at a young age rap with potential to be bigger and better. It was something that kept him focused and determined, something that kept the trouble low. Like yeah you know about me, but you don’t know ABOUT ME. Dropping a song is just anything now n days, but continuously putting the work in to get back what you dish out is something different. It’s called ambition. You know about that? Determination. Power 105.1 & hot97 is waiting for you just as well as I am. Not to be one of those to say I know him, but to say I seen him progress. Check him out here via his own webpage, soundcloud, apple music, and spotify. Oh yeah, keep posted with Blaqwall. Went from chillin’ in the projects to making projects. 😈

( Jessica Hunter )

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