“Kayron & You” 🎤🎬

Expressing himself through sound, ya’ll honestly know I love this one. I love the honesty behind someone’s ambition and distinct motive. Kayron allows you to hear what he’s been through, through his music. With the comparison of Chris Brown and August Alsina is definitely amazing, why? Because he does resemble them, but with his own sound. What I love about his idea behind music is he also included the people who helped in each step he took and is currently taking like his music producer Risco, with Blaqwall Studios. Check “Right Now” out here!

Once I caught him in the studio, I knew I was in the right place and I knew my ears would eventually be blessed with the greatness because Risco isn’t allowing you to leave the studio undetermined, unfinished, underestimated. Why? Because you are a reflection of him.

Kayron’s style is something different. I promise you when I first played “Real One“, and “Right now“, I did not expect to hear such a genuine and passionate voice for anything he’s rapped or sung; you felt those words. He appears quiet with a voice and knowledge that will astonish you. Another one with the city on his back, just tryna pave the way for others, I’m waiting for that Collab with Chris Brown or August Alsina. To be honest, he should’ve been featured on “You” with August Alsina, one of my favorite songs. Available via Instagram, Soundcloud, Apple music, Youtube, and Spotify, go open ya ears to a REAL ONE.

( Jessica Hunter )

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