Logo’s , Photo’s , Flyers, & Reminders 😌

Being a blogger, posting blogs, hosting events, etc., you’ll come across a lot of spams and different forms of talent. Luckily my form was Frank who goes by knarfdesigns. At first I literally thought it was a spam, until I begun to explain myself, who I am, and what I stand for as he did the same. I needed a new logo, and fell in love with the ones he’s made for me, AWESOME. LOOK FAM I FELL IN LOVE WITH IT! I just threw at him the type of positive person I am as far as being a blogger/journalist and into everything as such and he took initiative and came up with the logos himself. LOVE IT!

Ya’ll know me, I wanna know what made you do it and how you go about it thus far. He’s always had a passion for graphic designing so much so that he’s got his bachelor of technology in urban and regional planning. Talent isn’t always music, and in today’s world that is often looked upon more. Art is AMAZING, especially when emphasizing the body, but we emphasize a lot of other things in today’s world which is okay. Take a look at some of the work he’s done below, all for reasonable prices considering the fact that his work is AMAZING.

Ya’ll know ya’ll always throwing parties and hosting events, here is your graphic designer, I found mine. contact email: reallhaw@gmail.com ( @knarfdesigns )

( Jessica Hunter )










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