Note To Self 📝

Each morning I wake up thinking ” I don’t wanna go to work,” or “Damn, I gotta do this and that,” which is nobody’s fault but mine. It’s about being an adult and owning up to responsibilities. Some of these things I signed up for on my own, other things like life, I didn’t ask to be here but I’m greatful I am. As you go through life you start to not only experience a sort of independence that gives great pride. I hate when people say they “can’t” do something and then follow up with an excuse around it. Now you can. Knowing you’ve done something special, needed, or correct for yourself feels absolutely amazing I’m telling you.

Where we fail at in life is depending on one another, and that’s how you get hurt. Friends and family are always “supposed” to be there, yet also remember they have lives of their own too. So when they can’t support you, who are you to get mad because you’ve been doing this and that for them and they can’t do one thing for you? You should’ve expected, it’s called staying 2 steps ahead. Always have a back-up plan for your back up plan. You came in this world alone didn’t you? I’m not saying no one can/should help you, but it’s such a great feeling knowing you’ve done something or made it to a certain point in life on your own or with very minimum help.

Exhibit A, look at single parents. It’s said that a child should have to experience life with just one child, but as long as that child sees they’re loved, ambition, and determination to keep pushing just as you did, you did your job fam. Always remember that.

Exhibit B, If you were jobless, stressed, depressed, homeless, whatever., and you are now in a whole opposite state as opposed to before, you did your thing. That was you who got up and went for help, everything starts within you!

I got work, Ya’ll have a great day. ❤️

( Jessica Hunter )

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