Drip, Sauce 🔥

When I say Comma you say Gz, ready? ME: 🗣COMMA YOU: 🗣GZ 🎤.. on everyfuckingthing nigga. He ain’t waiting on nobody and never was “Gone,” he took time to reflect upon himself not only musically, but personally and he’s coming back harder.

5 days ago releasing “Drip, Sauce” via Soundcloud, yet ya” still singing ” Baby I’m not the one,” oh I see it on ya’ll gram. But Comma said ” I am not playin’, my foot on the necks of you niggas.” You see the ambition behind that? and when he said “I got my gun and lately I’m shootin’ shit up just for fun.” Why because anything blocking my success has to be subsided #1, and #2 I had such a feeling of revenge at a point of time to where everybody had to hurt because I was hurt you feel me.

Comma Gz has always produced music that has incorporated real life emotions, things people have been through, that’s what makes it better. You can feel him, you can feel his hurt at the time he’s hurt, you can feel his dedication during the whole time, you can feel his ambition through the words of what he’s saying in each song when said. Each video coincided with it’s main focus of this song. Drip, Sauce coincided with it’s lyrics definitely!

To be honest, I’m really proud of Comma Gz. I’ve had the blessing of watching him progress each day from the stage to phone calls ” Yo check this out?” straight off the head. *fliccs bic* He pushed me harder to you, and now I watch him work and progress. I kinda learn from certain aspects.

( Jessica Hunter )

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