Glam Society ๐Ÿ’‹


So about two weeks ago, I had the pleasure of attending a well put together event allowing upcoming entrepreneurs to show off their brands. Upon entering, I saw many amazing set-ups consisting of clothing, desserts, spiritual connections, etc.

Of course I showed up for my Glam society family. One of the many things I loved the most was how professional they were within themselves, and others. They didn’t “down talk” anyone else or “knock their hustle”; instead they congratulated everyone and visited/purchased from almost each station. Absolutely AMAZING professionalism! Not only did they visit each station, but they took it to the extent of promoting one another on social media.

You don’t see too much of that around these days. Everybody wanna eat not realizing that in order to get yourself out there you have to connect, bond with, and interact with others in the game. Everybody wanna eat, we all just using different utensils. Good Job team, here are some of their products and lashes from Glam Society done by Rayna.

(Jessica Hunter)

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