93rd, DUH! 🎤

Ever met a DJ/Producer so humble? Someone who doesn’t always brag or try and knock anyone’s hustle? It’s 93rd DUH!

DJ’ing since age 15, 93rd already made a huge impact on the lives of many. Expanding his work out of town, still putting on for his city working with some of the hottest; his music has been seen danced to by Wolftyla, Chris Brown, (ft DJ taj) and many others for starters. In response, he’s always showing love back to his community. BUT, his music is not the only thing that makes him great.

93rd just has this uplifting personality that allows you to never have a bad day. He believes in the idea of seeing everybody eat (literally) LOL. Have you seen Atown fry 93rd some chicken? & What 93rd say? Better than the chicken shack right? Atown got the chef hands! ( VIEW EPISODE HERE )

You’d expect for a person with 53 million streams to brag, brag, brag, but instead 93rd sits back and thinks of more ways to be great; and ALWAYS gives credit when it’s due. When asked to name 3 songs he thought were his biggest hits, 2 songs really stood out.

Clappers” stood out, Can you clap that back? Do a handstand. We’ve all heard it and giving credit to DJ Moo for the original Bang Bro’s that KB tribute came into play. Basically the KB tribute was a song dedicated to a lost friend/family member of the world’s now. Any friend or family member of 93rd is always one of his fan’s.

You don’t see too many people giving back, and 93rd doesn’t use his “fame” to overpower people if you understand what I am trying to say. DJ Jayhood went live the other day, and just as I was tuned in, so was 93rd actively. VERY professional. Who’s the Goat of Plainfield?

I hope you don’t think 93rd is just sitting back on work. Kids are releasing tik tok’s to 93rd’s latest hit “Vibez” available via every social platform. Most would surpass kids and people trying to get their attention, or being active to their music, not 93rd. He adds on to their happiness by sharing these videos, another way to keep them out the streets and in tuned with something different. Vibez is a VIBE baby, baby. *echo fades*

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( Jessica Hunter )


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