The basics behind being 93rd 🔥🔥

Now recently we discussed 93rd and his new hit “Vibez”, well now he’s going to work. With 5.2k views via Youtube already, 93rd’s remix of Geko ft Lotto Boyzz – Repeat just dropped and already got heads nodding around the world. I’m too old to be dancing to club, but I’ll tell you this. My back will crack when bro come on. 🔥

Lemme tell you, for a DJ/Producer, He definitely takes pride in his music. He’s so open to music outside of his ethnicity and era. Being a DJ requires you to have a musical knowledge background. Understanding where certain types of music came from, the generations that did, and stepping out of your comfort zone a bit. Who can deliver to just as versatile to any audience ? 93rd DUH! We all been through something, he shows it through music.

Well-known for his jersey club, but so versatile, I’ve been itching to see him back in the DJ booth of a club/party for a minute. Yet even without doing so, he’s still making the greatest impact with, for, and from these kids. These kids really love someone they barely see on a regular basis, that gives energy to push forward. “Wow, I did that?!” Seeing others happy, makes him happy. Keep doin’ it. 💯

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( Jessica Hunter )

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