🎤 Quarantine Quarantine Quarantine.

You can do a lot of things people say you couldn’t, you just choose to believe not to. You’re amazing, you’re bright, you’re kind. A lot of the things we majorly need to hear right now. This quarantine life has got us all buggin’, and for those of us still working, STAY SAFE, PROTECTED, & THANK-YOU.

Not a lot of people realize how dangerous this virus actually is. While you sit in that drive thru mad because your order is taking so long, remember there are people in there working and risking their lives to serve you, just as well as you risked your life to come on out. Our continuous workers haven’t been appreciated as much as they should be.

As an essential worker, I understand the limited patience, but what was best was the fact that we all came together and did what we had to do. We helped one another, and for once, ONCE IN MY LIFE, I heard nothing of race having to do with coming together. Although I did witness elderly being treated a little unfair, we’ve maintained patience well with this virus.

Loosing loved ones and knowing loved ones are sick from this virus is very tough. It’s hard to see, it’s hard to take in. How do you deal with a virus with no cure? Yet they want to reopen the economy because it’s crashing, but if we all continue to not follow guidelines, who will hold the economy down?

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