My loss, Heaven’s Gain💔

This month, I took a major loss. Infact, a loss to me, but a gain to Heaven. It took me outta my element. It hurt me to see him this way. Un-proper closure. Limited people at events and stores, what has today come too?

I know that deep down inside he would’ve been happy by the way each of my family members are trying to cope with the situation by being there for one another; but that’s a pain I never want anybody to feel.

My supporters/ “co-workers”/entrepreneurs have been amazing in tending to my feelings/needs, and I can’t thank you all enough. It was nice to see literaturebyjessc being mentioned everywhere with thoughts and prayers. It was nice to hear words of encouragement from my bestfriend and family, but it’ll never replace that memory.

Atleast now, my Grandpa is finally able to see what I do, who I work with, and the beautiful supporters. I wasn’t able to show him the places I’ve been, people I’ve met, things I’ve done. Plainfield’s fourth of July parade, blogging with major artist, radio stations, talents across the world. It is amazing, that’s all I wanted him to do was make him proud. Having my own home wasn’t enough in my eyes, I had to do more, I have to do more, I will do more, I will be better.

( Jessica Hunter )

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