We Just Wanna Fly High, Ya’ll Get High Off Contact ✈️ ðŸ’¨

A lot of people want to be well-known for what they’re doing, forgetting some of the main keys. If you’re a Comedian, connect with and follow other artist through Social Media/Bloggers.

A lot of things I tell my beginners is expand yourself outside of your talent and social media. Get to know others who are into the same thing. Share one another, that’s how I made it this far, oop I forgot LIFE OF A BLOGGER. I’ve watched one of my most humble talents come close to giving up, he just needed to be heard a little louder, and he rose his voice.

When I say this, he, and others believed in themselves more. Social Media began to expand such as Youtube, Soundcloud, Instagram, Tik Tok, simple photography with dope lyrics. Could be your lyrics, could be somebody else’s, but you’re tagging them, expanding business. Taking pictures of yourself and/or others in different locations and branded clothing, now you’re a brand ambassador. See how easy that is?

I know you guys see me doing poetry and using other sites as well for promo, as well as constant photography to let you guys know I’m still around, I want this bad. I’m bout to get real hectic, removing sh*t off the checklist * Boog Jefferson voice *

Boog Jefferson – Checklist

( Jessica Hunter )

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