LIT ! 🔥

It’s been a minute since I’ve dropped a blog , vlog, thought, or expression; ya’ll know I usually disappear for a bit and come back with a whole lot of greatness. Over these past few weeks 93rd‘s performance and music in “Lit” premiere, I’ve taken family L’s, a moving process, and our annual Coat and Socks Drive. My favorite talents have progressed to be the best that they can be, it’s just breath taking.

It’s breath taking when a customer walks in and asks why you’ve stopped writing, I haven’t, I’m focusing on ways to become better. Collaborations, more ways of expansion. More money, less problems.

Starring in “Lit” with music produced by himself was an amazing feeling to witness up close N personal on the premiere date. On the premiere date? I’m a special blogger, more than that, more than family, I’m more proud of 93rd then he will ever know. Hearing his name on the radio to hearing his music in movies is such an amazing feeling especially when you were there from behind to witness. If I’m not working, 93rd’s questioning why, and vice versa.

93rd DUH 🐐💥🔥

During this here blog, I would like to give a special acknowledgement as always to my big brother in and out of the music industry, 93rd thank-you. Thank-you for showing me what a true friend is, the time to be about, and the time to enjoy yourself. As of lately, 93rd has been the shinning star, contributor, and support system. Giving back to the less fortunate is always a go, double the hands when I’m there. His biggest intentions is always for everyone else. Ya’ll seen how he brought me out to 8 minutes, 76 seconds of my life? Best moment ever.

His music during “Lit” was so LIT, he had people jamming in the theater, and asking for all songs during the movie, shoot he was jamming himself. “I did that, and this movie fire.” All jersey club heads came out dancing. The unity of all producers and fans coming out to support was a VIB3 ( CLICK LINK ) 💥 ASK ME HOW TO WATCH IT!

93rd Contact Info: Instagram // Twitter // Spotify // Soundcloud // Youtube // Apple Music

( Jessica Hunter )

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