Livay’s Sweet Shop Win’s The Small Business Award! 🏆

Congratulations to my favorite cupcake lady, and yours too for winning the Lenox small business award! Well deserved, not only due to her effort in the business, but her effort outside the business as well. Countless cupcakes, cake pops, and cake designs. Designing cakes from names to cream, to characters, you name it! Mrs.Stacey can do it! Look at my birthday cake ( below ).

A small time seems like a long time especially when you’ve got so many things going along incorporated with your business such as donations, walks, runs. I’ve had the pleasure of donating toiletries, socks, etc., while picking up my favorite cookies n’ cream cupcake. I felt amazing on both sides!

To Mrs.Stacey, you’ve done a wonderful job encouraging life, encouraging yourself, and whatever battles you may be facing even if it’s not having enough cream for a cake, you’ve done an amazing job. Thank-You for caring before, and during covid; distributing treats to nurses and such. 💕

Favorite Cupcake Lady Instagram

(Jessica Hunter)

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