I’ve always had a thing for Jersey Club, the unity is amazing. It’s not a battle of colors, or street battles, it’s dance battles; it’s music battles. This is what brings us all together.

As a blogger, you get to sit back and actually analyze how happy people are in the mix of their craft. I’ve witnessed everyone including Dru get excited when he battled Saucy, the hype was real, and in the end; it was nothing but maturity and congratulations on both parts.


During the shoot, I not only had the pleasure of re-connecting with my Jerseyclub fam ( Sisqo , 93rd, Uniiqu3, Tiiararenee, 809, Dru, Unicorn, Sjayy, Sbf, Urkel, and so much more.) Issa vibe when we’re together, you know why? Because we all wanna see eachother win, while being happy, or assisting each other in the process.

Stand back remix videoshoot was a MOVIE! Everybody came out from everywhere to support the movement, I had people on my social media agreeing to the fact that Jerseyclub is often slept on. Dear adults, our version of “when can our love begin” (Kimara Lovelace) may be our version of “two steps to the left, to the right.” We are still producing the same music, just in our own way, our own trend.

Uniiqu3 and Unicorn on The Set of “Stand Back”

What I loved the most was the fact that Uniiqu3 was very UNIQUE. She had her own mindset/visual of how scenes should play out, and she made it happen. All about her business, it was literally a movie scene 🔥. ACTION! That’s another key thing when shooting a video. Your mind as well as everybody elses has to be on the same point; and she made sure of that as well. Uniiqu3 didn’t tell you what to do, she broke it down to you & made you do ya own thing. For example, if she wanted a certain scene to be just people walking up, she lead by example, and the rest of us followed up. Her mindset was so on point, that I visualized the music video in my head already, and I cannot wait!!

93rd , Uniiqu3, & Unicorn on the set of “Stand Back” 🎥

93rd’s music career has been a major blast for me to visualize. From youtube hits, to movie premieres, and all sorts of videoshoots; I’m amazed. He stepped out side of 93rd for a minute, and became about his business. He made sure that he had the same visuals everybody else had, he made sure everyone else was happy. When it came to the dancing cyph, I know it’s an amazing feeling to stand back and say “Damn, I took part in this, this is what I do.” Soon as you hear “ 93rd duhh,” you know it’s a BANGER!

Unicorn, another Jersey club artist, Featured in Stand Back’s Remix, shocked me. Find me an artist who can Rap on a Jersey Club beat & Dance, I’ll wait. ⏰ “ Can’t fuck Unicorn, unless you eat Uniiqu3.” WOAH 🗣🔥 The connection between the vibez and the music matched HEAVILY. His flow was contagious, outrageous, and so on point, that the radio doesn’t know what they’re missing, and apparently neither did I!

Unicorn & Uniiqu3 on the set of “Stand Back” 🎥

( Jessica Hunter )

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