Constructive Criticism 📝

In Today’s world, we are often criticized for everything we do right down to the way we dress. What matters is what you think, not the thoughts of others. Infact, some I call constructive criticism; you’ll see that most when doing something that has to do with social media and the music/entertainment industry.

Prime example, today’s upcoming rappers are often criticized by how they deliver their message. Just because you don’t understand the deliverance, doesn’t mean no one else does. Sometimes people say things are actually true. If you’re telling a story about pain, make me feel that pain through your words, silence, or actions.

Many have been trying to “Come-Up” for the longest, others are just starting. Either way it doesn’t just happen with the snap of a finger. Time, money, growth, and healing are all key factors. Some may but in one thousand dollars, others may put in one million, and still be in the same predicament. If you truly love your craft, nothing matters, but the fact that you can do it. “Haters gon’ hate cuz we keep makin’ em sick of us” *Jadakiss voice*

( Jessica Hunter )

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