Stole 🎶

Covid has put us all in a huge lockdown towards others, or depression. Babies have become scared of others, children have lost friendships, and adults are stressed preparing to, and teaching from home.

Just the other day, I was listening to 90’s r&b. I’m a 90’s baby, no matter how old I get, that era of music will forever be my favorite. It was an era of real love and real pain being showed differently. You could listen and love without wanting revenge, you get what I’m saying?

Although this song has been out for years, I sat and analyzed Kelly Rowland’s “ Stole” music video; which incorporated different scenes of bullying and self destruction due to others. If you asked me to choose a song that depicts my life growing up, and moving forward; that song would be best. I’ve lost friends due to self destruction, depression, and gun shots. Once a person is gone, it’s a hard healing and no coming back. Could you live with that guilt? Could you actually care for someone irregardless of whether or not they cared for you? Live for today’s success, not yesterday’s revenge.

( Jessica Hunter )

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