Live For Today. 🏆

What makes me better than you? The truth is, nothing. We’re all the same, cut from the same cloth, with the same intention; to get to it. We were each blessed in our own ways.

What makes yourself better than the next person mentally is the instilled ambition to be a better person then the day you were before. Life has given us bullets we dodged, and some that hit where it hurt. With Covid coming out of no where, it really gave another impact, another look on life itself. Appreciate it for what it is. Do what you can for yourself, by yourself; and if somewhere in the making of that you can tend to someone else, by all means do so, be a helping hand. But never put someone else before yourself. Your happiness, your pain, your stress, who was really there?

With the belief of God, I’ve been able to get a lot in motion. Traveled places i’d never think to go, being an adult in general ( work, bills, budgeting ) , yet learning as I go. It’s hard, but we must come to the realization that you only live once, you cannot go on living for others, their mistakes, or sorrows. Life unfortunately goes on. With that being said, it’s only UP from here, stay tuned, it’s about to get real hectic; Moving shit UP the checklist. *Boog Jefferson voice*

( Jessica Hunter )

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