Jersey Club ( We Are A Family ) 🗽

Jersey Club was meant to be heard, whether it be with the Connect & Mrs.Karen Hall, L-Spiz and Jerseyclubtv, or Jerseyclub battles via Jerseyclubmusic on youtube and documentaries on PBS, etc. We are meant to be heard. Where it originated from and who the “Jerseyclub goats are”, can be argumentative respectfully, but we are a team. I can say myself it originated from Baltimore. If you guys remember “Shake ya what to the ground” ( Dj blaqstarr & Rye Rye ). We’ve come a long way via discord chats, music videos, soundcloud battles, and actual link-ups.

One thing I can say as I’ve always said is the Jerseyclub industry is a team. Over these past few days, I’ve learned off/reconnected with Jerseyclub legends and upcoming artist. Completely amazing; the family not everyone has. We are all supportive of one another with or without constructive criticism. The love is so real, we fall asleep on clubhouse playing old and new hits; figuring out what we can do to better ourselves.

During our early morning chat yesterday; we had the opportunity to explain to others who we were and vice versa, GREAT EXPANSION, great jokes, great enthusiasm. We know people know Jerseyclub, but the love that was given “Is this on apple music?”, “I’m twerking at work”, that’s what we enjoy, being happy. They took everything else from us, but they will NEVER take away Jerseyclub.

The best part of our Dj’s/producers and dancers is we know where we came from and when I say that I mean what Era. These Dj’s/Producers know how to adapt to any crowd. If you really look at it, we are next, 🗣 JERSEY !


DJ Moralez , Deejay Dru , R3ll, 93rd, Urvban, Kayy Drizz, Dj Bake, Dj Saucy P, Tim Dolla, DJ 908, Dj 809, Dj Lilman, Deejay Test, Fadeout, Sbf, Leemz, Opxra, Steviestyles, AND SO MUCH MORE ! 🗣 WE ARE JERSEYYYYYY 📍

Youtube: JerseyClubMusic

( Jessica Hunter )

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