DJ Swiggs EPK 🏆🎧🎶

DJ  Swiggs

“The Prince Of New Jersey”

 Artist Bio

 DJ Swiggs also known as “The Prince Of New Jersey,” born and raised in Plainfield, NJ, took initiative in creating “Connect Nation” formerly known as “The Connect” with hopes of changing his city’s name, and representing what it stood for. Plainfield, NJ, also known as “ The Queen City,” consisted of a lot of talent, and little by little DJ Swiggs grasped all these talents into one. DJ’s, Producers, Dancers, it became a movement. From “The Heard One,” to every city’s Rescue Squad, “Get Gassed”, traveled all around New Jersey. Lines formed around the corner, alongside his team, and eventually networking with other DJ’s and Producers such as DJ Lilman.

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  1. Get Gassed ( 07/19/2011)
  2. All Of The Lights ( 07/22/2011)
  3. Come Ride This Thing ( 08/29/2011)
  4. Dance For You (12/23/2011 ) 
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Promo/Upcoming Events

Social Media

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Clubhouse: itsdjswiggs 
Details: DJ Swiggs is back and better, DJ’ing in the nearest bars and halls, and everywhere else near you! DJ Swiggs will be DJ’ing alongside DJ L-spiz, Dj Lil Taj, and DJ Noso this Saturday, Monday 20th with a special guest!

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