Stevie Styles EPK πŸŽΆπŸŽ§πŸŒͺ

DJ Stevie Styles

#JiggythvtMusic πŸŒͺ

Artist Bio

Growing up in the Jersey Club era, inspired by Cue Heat, 809, Opxra, Panic, and Merk ; Stevie found his way as Stevie Styles ; a producer first, and Stevie second. It became his passion, something that couldn’t nobody take away from him because, as long as he knew he had a positive influence on somebody; is all that matters. In hopes of changing his lifestyle around to accommodate success, Stevie moved and took a piece of Jersey club with him. Juggling college, and Jersey Club, Stevie made it his business to network, and continuously find a way to not only contribute to uniting Jersey Club, but it’s continuation. When I say that, I mean bringing in the old with the new, teaching and being taught, production, and promotion. 


  1. Running Man Challenge
  1. Better Remix |
  2. Soltera Remix | 
  3. Luz Apaga Remix |
  4. La Mentira Remix |
  5. Definitivamente Remix |
  6. Drip Too Hard |
  7. End Of Time Remix |
  8. Say My Name Remix |
  9. Disturbia Remix |

Graphic Designs

Upcoming Events

Jerseyclub Producer Battle Monday, March, 27th, 2020 via Youtube .


Stevie Styles will be featured battling another Jerseyclub music Producer/DJ in a Bi-Weekly Jersey Club battle, March 27th. Each battle consists of different rules, which incorporates a little spice towards each battle, because we get to see what each Producer/DJ is capable of in many different aspects including drops, chopping vocals, mixing, etc.

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Management / Editor

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