Clubhouse Meets! ✳️❤️

Meeting people through school and community activities is awesome; yet social media can be a little scary for some. For me, it has become a great form of therapy and networking with those in similar shoes as I. Clubhouse is a very open platform; you don’t know if that voice is who they portray to be, or their picture. You’re taking a risk and doing research yourself just as any other platform.

Clubhouse has permitted me to meet and reconnect with a lot of people to work with, and some I haven’t seen in forever. One of the many things clubhouse has done has brought a group of friends and Jersey Club family from all over together. Originally, some of us planned a trip to get away ( continuing ), yet yesterday turned into dinner.

Might I say it was awesome! I’ve never been so excited to see a group of people in my life! All different personalities supporting a movement, one step closer in the process of being the movement. I thought nothing of my girls living so close to me, I knew we all lived within distance, but to finally link up was amazing. What was even better was the fact that we already felt comfortable enough with one another to jump and hug all over eachother, a family. A Clubhouse/Jersey Club family just missing one of the bestest friends ever. I LOVE YALL, SEE YALL ( ALL ) SOON ❤️

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