Quality Over Quanity 🏆

What you allow to happen will continue. If you continue to accept something less of what you deserve, you devour your worth in all aspects.

Quality over quanity can be interpreted in many different ways. In your work, or talent, how fast you work, or the amount of content you release does not matter if the quality isn’t anything. When I say this, I mean the quality of your work should be at it’s best! There are people watching and listening from behind, with potential ideas. Make it your best, just because you consistently flood social media doesn’t mean everybody is always watching, take your time. Expand your mind with different ideas, different ways to grasp one’s attention.

Quality, man just know as a person, you deserve the best in each way possible. Never let anyone make you think you are less than who you are mentally, emotionally, and physically. Once you give someone that opportunity, that power, you give them what they wanted; to break you down. Quanity wise, you are the sh*t, unless you believe otherwise. It doesn’t matter what clothing brand, or how many shoes you have. Think about it man, that’s all I’m saying. You don’t have to have the nicest car, as long as it gets you from point a to b, that’s better than something. You’re trying, in that part of life there is no need to rush, some people are still walking, respectfully.

Back to the industry ( games, music, tv shows, etc.), ever notice how when these things are sent out they are advertised everywhere. They are not only recognized by commercials, but those who work with and near them. Not everything is ab out who did what first, when it was done, or how it was done, JUST GET IT DONE. Ever think of what an outsider thinks about, one that has no talent, no gaming, no experience in anything? Do you ever think about being a leader? It’s not helping those who didn’t help you, it’s leading the way, and not using others to come up, and then forget who ate with you when you was starving….

( Literaturebyjessc) – Jessica Hunter

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