Stevie Styles Is Coming To Jersey! πŸš€πŸ”₯

When I first met Stevie Styles, I never expected to manage him. I actually looked to Stevie for a sense of help almost; just an ear, via Clubhouse. Instead, I seen and heard something a lot of people didn’t of Stevie; which is what pushed me to push him forward. I’m not perfect in listening for drops, where a bpm should be, etc., but I had enough experience. Enough experience to find others who believed in and wanted to work with us.

When I first met Stevie, he seemed as though he didn’t see what I seen the way I did. Son was flee, flick it up my guy! Stevie’s a graphic designer, who you think did your logo? Us being minutes apart in age not only was a great thing, but we are Gemini’s, we clash. I’ll tell you what, I’ve applied so much pressure on Stevie to see what he was capable of. I didn’t know Stevie Styles personally, would you believe after all this work, we are finally meeting face to face! I’m so excited!!

As Stevie’s manager, I’m telling you this is an opportunity nobody should miss. Stevie’s coming back home to Jersey with a list of people waiting to work already. We about to Go Crazy on a Sunday Night. The views, the confidence, the pride within himself is amazing. He wants to get things done, let’s get it done. I’ve never been so happy seeing his progress with others, and alone. Stevie Styles is a business, way to go! I’m very content with his progression from A-Z on his own, right down to the spread of his music with the expansion of his own platforms. Talk to me nice!

Stevie’s Social Media

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