From Clubhouse ✳️ To Family ðŸ†â¤ï¸

This group of people here including myself consists of Jersey Club Dj’s, Producers, Bloggers, and Artists including myself. Never would I imagine to have grown such an amazing bond with each individual. It started off as laughs and networking, and then considering the fact that each of us knew someone in someway, it was easy to introduce one another. Many may think it’s weird, but sometimes a talk with one another, or to see one another brightens our day.

So we all agreed to meet up face to face with the great organization of Krystal, and what better way to do so than to live with one another for two days. The working together part was very amazing. We had Jersey and Philly together, and others from all around. Yes we did get tested; and continued “Living” as if we had already known each other. Even My’lo had fun, for those of you who don’t, he’s my rabbit. Many see us all and think the most craziest things, fortunately issa family, and respectfully we could care less what anyone thinks.

It’s things like this that brings us all closer, we missed each other so much we went to dinner the next night, cuz lemme tell you that day of coming home I was BEAT. In the words of DJ Tiga, ” We lived “. You see, although our intentions were to work, some became the family that one never had. There’s a place and time for everything, and at that time we did everything from beats, to board games. This trip showed the true meaning of forgiveness and family between us all. You just had to be there..


SwizzyMack , Deejay Haze, Paige, Vanessa, Krystal, DJ J Heat, Skaboo, Youngin, Jerz, Tiga, Stevie, Dakota, & Jess .

Missing My Brother Tazz

( Literaturebyjessc )

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