Networking is Fun, Up close is WORK! πŸ‘©πŸΎβ€πŸ’»πŸ”₯

All my years of being in the blogging and entertainment industry, I’ve had the chance to come across some amazing people. From music, to poetry, to dance, to just personal life inspirations. I’ve studied people and things I was into before coming into contact with that person or talent. Finally seeing it all constantly float around me is amazing. I’ve done a lot of write ups for people and places, and then I’m at a different event and see them there as well, networking. The best part of it all Is knowing I partaken in that.

Now just the other day DJ Swiggs shook the building. Upon my arrival ( to all parties ), I’m always checking to make sure everything is to where it needs to be at it’s best. I look to see who popped out as far as team members, family, etc, and I’m always interacting with anyone that has anything to do with his business or mine. Now who would’ve thought that I’d see Boog Jefferson there? Let’s refresh ya memory, about 2 years ago me and Boog Jefferson became in tuned with each other. Each song ep/album/song he dropped, I dug into. I was able to connect with. Felt like I was him for a minute. Then it got to on stage performances, business talks became expanded between me, him, and others who seen potential in him just as I did. The same person who told him to continue pushing forward, was the same person who said they see something in my writing.

The energy Boog Jefferson brings to the stage is immaculate, nah I’m sayin’. He’s himself, he makes you feel what he’s saying. So when I pulled up to the All White Affair , we both had questions for each other, and the answers given turned into more networking. Turned into meeting and supporting others, seeing how others work, transferring information to share with one another and work together. That’s an amazing feeling. When I first met Boog Jefferson, I thought it was all about the home town, respectfully, but he really does make movements around, show love everywhere. That’s real networking you feel me. Now we exchange emails, and we get to business.

A few months back we decided that β€œGet Me Lit” was a hit! I seen potential in that song, I seen it coming to Jersey Club, and we did it ( to be remade soon ). So with that being said in a flash it was like I got all my people together without getting them together, that’s what networking is isn’t it? You know what the best part is, we don’t quit. We continue to look for ways of expansion and progression. That’s what makes us all great.

( Literaturebyjessc – Jessica Hunter )

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