“The Wake Up” 💭

If you balance your life off of others and their actions, you may never see the positivity or growth, hell even ambition within yourself. Depression is a life-taking state; it can literally take your life or allow you to take over it. Now there is no easy way to tell someone coming out of a dark place to snap out of it, trust me I’ve been there. But you can open their eyes to who they truly are.

Example, I had a friend going through so much from the past that it was blocking the potential of his future. He had great stories to tell out of bad memories, sort of how I created my platform. My exact words, “Someone else needs to hear this, you can save a life.” The amount of lives he saved just by sharing stories and ways he consulted with them was amazing. In fact, I even suggested for him to make a website, which he did! http://www.inyothoughts.wordpress.com

You, it only takes one to lead. I’ve always lived by that motto. They say no one will hand anything to you, which in many ways are true, yet you also have the power to act upon this yourself. The first step to moving forward is forgiving yourself, your past. That first step plays a major part on what comes next. Yes you can always forgive, and may never forget, but that is another step forward.

Over time, I had to seclude myself to not only find myself, but what they seen in me; and respectfully I do. Tomorrow’s never promised. So what Plan A didn’t work, you come up with Plan B, and keep it pushing. The key word is try. A lot of things will attempt to interact with you as a person, and as a business or whatever you may be. Learn to differentiate the two, never mix business with personal, and personal with business.

Literaturebyjessc – Jessica Hunter

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