Commercials Album Release -Dana Johnson πŸŽ§πŸ”₯

Meeting Dana Johnson has been an absolute blessing. Initially we met through clubhouse, a app that at the time only allowed others to hear voices, so that was the only thing I had to go by. Eventually we begun to network, and I was amazed at the things I’ve heard and seen. I never would’ve imagined to hear such versatility within Jersey Club as Dana. He has his own vibe, and for once I can say somebody lead their own path. Just releasing his album ” Commercials ” available via every music platform, Dana just keeps on rolling.

Commercials Track List

My ideal thoughts on Dana’s music, was it’s a vibe. It’s a very well mix between r&b and jersey club put together so perfectly. I can sexy walk or two step, he literally has his own style. Now when I got the chance to listen to the whole “Commercials” album, I was truly not surprised, but amazed. You see each song on this album was well produced, and the other artist along with Dana made it an accomplishment for you to feel what they were living, or have lived through. Track #8 Black Girl Magic describes the uprising of an African-American Queen’s life and what one must go through in order to make it. Isn’t it crazy how a woman’s body is the key to success and not the words or talent one may have? Isn’t it crazy how hard it is to be a woman in the industry? It’s sad to say, but it’s like as a woman if you want to be heard, you gotta show a little body, which should never be the case. That song opened my eyes up to who I really am as a person, and as a woman.

Track #9 “Higher Callin” ft Chris Canon , absolutely amazing. It sort of gave me a J.cole or Kendrick Lamar vibe. Giving sort of like a life advice. “People hate integrity, and they love clout.” Which is true, people hate having morals, the quality of being honest and strong or looking for it in all the wrong places. People aren’t doing things for the greatness of themselves, but for the greatness of who they think they can become not realizing it’s levels to it, you don’t just become famous. With that being said, people see things and think “I can do it better,” and copy that person’s flow instead of setting the bar for themselves. Well put together album! It’s like one life story leads into the next.

Now, a while back Dana had a huge project in the works, which he reached out to me for a press release. To be continued soon, but I had to tell you how proud I am. He’s traveled all around recently Coming from Jamaica, and traveling to Florida, and then back to Jersey with not only “Jersey Club” on his back, but music as it’s own. Not to mention, Jamaica’s callin’ him back for more. He’s a very great multi-genre DJ, he not only plays the music well, but vibes with the music. He’s a DJ of whom you can tell loves his job, Dana dances with you. Starting his own podcast as well, describing his his musical career and other daily thoughts, especially “Who is Dana“, he has set his own trend. Tackling a lot under his belt, but the best part about it is Dana never gives up, he stays productive. Another amazing thing, he shows love without people asking. Recently spinning KAYY DRiZZ & Sbf’s “Feeling Myself” in Jamaica, Dana sees potential in everyone, but he’s mindset is so “If I win you win” it’s amazing.

Since meeting Dana, we have been in contact almost each day with regards to his new plans, upcoming events, and even daily thoughts. I support each move, why? Because Dana supported each move I made, and found some way to incorporate atleast one person from every aspect that he was working with into his music and work. When he wins, he shares and looks for nothing in return. Keep up with his podcast via Spotify, and let’s talk about what you think. Each Saturday Dana discusses new topics with music and aside to get general points of view, conversation going, and daily networking. How could a busy man keep up with such? Just the way he does.

( Literaturebyjessc – Jessica Hunter ) πŸ“

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