πŸ—£.. And I’m Okay With That πŸ’œ

Credit is always given when deserved. I never not once said ” You wouldn’t have this if it wasn’t for me,” because I don’t condone in negativity. Nuh botha rise and boast neither because just as easy as it was given to you, it can be snatched right back, you feel me? Everything I have now, I was never just handed, I had to show proof. When I started off in the game, I was just a person who told short stories and recited my own poetry via all social medias. Someone seen potential in me as a blogger and said let’s take it there. It’s very unfortunate that me and that person aren’t connected anymore, but good intentions creates bad decisions.

I’ve never once told anyone they wouldn’t be in the position they are today, but let me ask, did my help really help? A lot of the things I do, I do with the thought of you, for yourself, by yourself. I’m just the one to guide you to your blessing, your destiny, what it is you truly want to do. Not everyone understands what you’ve been through and how hard or how much work you had to put in, in order to get to the predicament you are today. I always tell my friends “You never know what someone has been through,” but I also tell my friends “There are many ways of going about things, do not let your past define your future.” Reason why, you can’t hold everyone coming into your life accountable for the last person’s actions and sneaking around to get what you want is only going to turn around and bite you in the a**.

I’ve had the pleasure of being able to help others emotionally, mentally, and physically, yet I’ve also had the pleasure of “TRYING” and no matter how hard you push and you try, it may not be enough. And that’s okay, at least you know you’ve tried. Try and move on, on pick yourself up and try again, but remember you are human too. You have emotions and a life of your own to tend to. You can’t save everybody, although I feel as though my purpose on earth is to help those in need, I surely will stop when I notice you can lead a horse to the water, but you can’t make them drink it. If it comes with loosing a friendship, family bond, it’s okay. If that person couldn’t see your true intentions, hurt, or whatever you were going through, or trying to help that person with, what good is that person to you? What could that person do for you that you honestly can’t do for yourself? You’ll start to see a lot of what and who is real, and what and who isn’t, and it be the things you’ve never expected to be the greatest thing that has ever happened to you. I’m just saying.

( Literaturebyjessc – Jessica Hunter )

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