Hood Ta Hood πŸ˜ˆπŸ”₯

When I first met Tricky, I was upcoming myself, and still am. Yet, I used to host a a live show called “Talent Vibez” via Instagram, which permitted artist to come show off their talent. Tricky came on and had so much ambition with a 30 second rap right off the dome. And from the first day I met Tricky, I can honestly say he has come a long way. From lives to recording, to “Jess what you think about this?”. The fact that he had his hand in every jar possible to win that ticket, and he still is, is amazing. You go! Tricky has been rapping since about 8th grade with the determination to become something better for his hood. Currently, he has been an independent official artist for about two to three years now, which is actually during the process of us knowing each other. Proud to say I witnessed that moment!

“From Hood ta Hood ya’ll gonna be bumpin’ us now,” the type of ambition you should wake up with each day. If you create a song and it stays in your Hood and doesn’t travel, get exposure, not even you, are you really working? Tricky Haze applied pressure with that statement and title itself as his new single “Hood ta Hood” has finally released July 22nd. Teaming up Wavey Sosa was a great idea. They both not only hyped each other in the song, but they hyped the song along as it went. Now for just two people to have a song and not have a crowd behind, or a full 3 verses with chorus, amazing. Ambition is key. You could hear the seriousness of wanting to eat from both artist. Both artist were able to get their messages across. “Until I reach a milli, I ain’t getting no sleep.” Message received and agreed. Now when I asked Tricky personally his meaning behind this song, because I couldn’t only give you my opinion and leave it, he described something very meaningful. If He was gonna hustle, he was gonna hustle for a purpose. That purpose was to show where he came from to where he’s going, and though it was a process, you can do it too. People hear the term “Hood,” and instantly think negative, and as Tricky verified, you’re gonna look at the term “Hood,” and think a different way, positively. People are trying, and that’s what isn’t often seen.

When I asked Tricky what made him do a track with Wavey Sosa, just out of curiosity, he insisted he had too, “That’s my brother,” Tricky says. He also saw potential in him given the little raps he used to do here and there, so leading him in the music industry was correct. In today’s generation, being featured on social media/musical platforms is like a gateway to “It’s only up from here.” Everybody has no choice but to hear or see you and your talent, which turns into networking with the correct people. My only words after hearing the song and seeing such dedication is to keep going.

( Literaturebyjessc– Jessica Hunter )

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