Daily Thoughts 💭

Too often we mistake help, guidance, or assistance, for power. It’s nothing wrong with leading the path for the next to follow, or following in the next person’s shoes, you’re trying. There is also nothing wrong with wanting to do things your own, at your own speed, and time.

Starting off blogging, I had no equipment, no team, just myself and expression. I eventually got the correct equipment and wires, studying from those around me such as DJ’s, graphic designers, whatever. I made my own webpage and became the official Literaturebyjessc. The name is Up & Stuck with me. It’s sad that what I was going through at the time enabled me to be a better me for a better me, and then some. I’ve had guidance, I’ve had help, I’ve had it all. Then it got to a point where my work ethic begun to speak for itself. I started receiving texts, emails, calls, from people I’d never imagine. All because I took that pain I was going through, gained from it, wasn’t afraid of guidance, and now I can maintenance on my own. I started off with old equipment given through extended family. The laptop needed to be help a certain way to charge, not everyday my work saved, and I didn’t have a desk or camera needed for my things. What do I have today? All upgraded things due to the hard work and dedication I put in for my website, and myself as a name. People WILL remember Literaturebyjessc.

Nobody’s ever gonna grow up to say “If it wasn’t for me..,” because I always give credit when due, but you didn’t make me. You didn’t sit me down and say he look, this is how we’re gonna do it, what we need to do it, no. Each piece of equipment came from me, almost everyone I’ve met over the past year or so came from my ambition, my greed, my want to become better. Here I am, supporting those who support me, and still standing on my own platform. I’d never envy anyone for doing their thang with or without because YES it is hard, but at the end of the day, you are you because of YOU. “Everybody wanna be famous, nobody wanna put the work in.” Special Thanks to Trickyhaze for getting Literaturebyjessc lit via Instagram live! It’s because of you that my inbox looks like dollar signs.

( Literaturebyjessc – Jessica Hunter )

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