Analyze It 💭

There is a reason why I hang around the crowd I do, why I attract such positivity and production. My mindset isn’t the same as you because you are you and I am me. Get it? I can take constructive criticism, I can take new ideas, I can take new artist and turn it into something so amazing; just as a seed to a flower. My peace cannot be distributed especially when doing something I love. I’ve come to terms with that’ll be that and that’s fine. I cannot save the whole world, nor can I entertain in everyone’s personal emotions.

So I took a step back from everything, everybody, and I analyzed myself. Where do I wanna be, where do I see myself within 10 years of being llc’ed and having my own desk/work space. If I continue to let the depression around me get towards me in a negative way, I’ll never progress in a positive way. It’s like running back and fourth from something I’ve already solved and had my closure on my own. I see myself progressing financially with the people who I’ve been in tuned with and supporters from day one. I see myself continuing to build, and if I don’t build fast enough, or admit that I’m trying, I feel as though i’m letting someone down.

Life is amazing when you remove negativity. I’ve taken trips, explored different air, different scenery, things that make me not want to return to where I’ve came from because the path I’m heading in is so much fun, and it may not be on YOUR time or the time you think it shall be, but my blessings work in ways, and I also work for my blessings. I don’t mind being the one to live home with mom, why? It wasn’t a choice, covid messed up everyones lives. My mom has health issues that I have, and then some, tomorrow’s never promised. Because you don’t have the relationship you want with your parent does not mean you prevent someone else from doing so or try. Family is family, I don’t care how long I haven’t seen some of my aunts, uncles, and cousins, they are still my family. I don’t believe in dealing with someone and moving right in, their issues will not become mine so fast. I need to see security and that, that person is in the same mentality as me, let’s do it together. I think I may have found that one, but until we lock that in, imma rock like I been doing, FOR MYSELF, BY MYSELF. Not to prove to anybody anything at all.

I turned on people who had they hand out to give, who shared my memories, exploring, and stories, for people who don’t even share Literaturebyjessc or know what that means and who she stands for. For people who never attended an event, can speak down on my personal life, but not acknowledge my blessings. Crazy part is, that lesson was my biggest blessing ever, moving forward, any faulty decision made going after that is my fault, because you’re not allowed here anymore. You may not disrupt my peace. For a “Mental Patient,” I do a hell of a job and have a hell of patience to deal with what’s been said, done, and what I saw. 25 Years old with a 30 year old mentality.

Literaturebyjessc – Jessica Hunter

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