A Break Is Okay. 🧘

Too often when we’re heavily into something, we tend to overwork our abilities, mind, and plan for the future. Investing in a studio was a great idea, the work, the prices, the ideas, can be a bit of a work overload, but that’s what The team is for, Stu732 , we are one, separately.

These past few days bringing, breaking, cleaning, and building have been hectic. Nothing is given to you, nor easy in life. Writers block, producers block, “Does that sound right?” “Does that look okay?” Has been all that’s been running around our heads. It’s okay to take a break. Step back and see how far you’ve made it, up until where you’re going. I sat at my desk for an hour yesterday sorting files and contemplating on my next few topics, and I honestly was stuck. Smoke breaks help, free the mind, once my pen is going, it just keeps on going and going. This smoke break was something different. We took a trip! The smallest trip could turn into a major thing believe it or not.

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