Jersey Club Changed Life 🏆

When I first stepped foot into the Jersey club game heavily, I was just getting my feet wet. People was hitting it to the beat at parties, and someone I always was around was in that circle. Befriending and having Jersey Club Dj’s and Producers in my family became a eye opener. I began to look at the way it impacted the world as a whole. Now the other day, I looked through a lot of memories. At a young age, DJ Lilman had children out here dancing with smiles on adults face and amazement at how deep their children were and still are into Jersey Club. Divak for example, beautiful young dancer who started dancing with Team Lilman at the age of 6. That video was absolutely amazing!! Started off young and still going, you go young queen.

I get excited when speaking with my Jersey club and hearing “I’m bout to drop,” or “Send me that zip fam,” it’s t he fact that they are great together, and on their own. It’s the fact that as producers they are able to acknowledge that one’s song is hard. Instead of arguing against one another, it is amazing to see that Jersey Club is more than what you think. It’s a passion, if you know you know. Being able to witness a lot of Jersey club’s historical moments and link ups is amazing. Covid never stopped us, yet Jersey Club is finally come together! We’ve got a bond other states wish they still had with their producers and dj’s even as friends.

It’s people like Sjayy, Cookie Kawaii, Uniiqu3 , Unicorn, who go so hard for the industry, who show where we started, what from FL to Abelton, if you know you know. Videos, documentaries, PBS, Complex, this is the notification this genre of music should’ve been getting a while ago. The fact that Jersey Club is spread around the world makes it impossible for you to say you’ve heard about it before. I can give you a CLASSIC from almost every producer 🔥. My thing is, it’s people like ya’ll that keep the game together. Can’t forget about the amazing DJ’s that keep the booties movin, the feet steppin’. S/o to Swiggs, Classic, Hotrod, L-Spiz, Dinero, Wallah, and SOOOOOOO many more. Jersey Club is UP. I love to see my friends and family, ACTIVE! Some of us have come coordinated with our own teams and still willing to work with others, not “Who is better than who,” and that’s what makes this all great.

Literaturebyjessc – Jessica Hunter

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